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Cancer screening

We offer a range of clinics and services here at Headstone Road Surgery to help with cancer screening.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Have questions about cancer? Visit www.macmillan.org.uk or call 0808 808 000 free (Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm).

Cervical screening

Cervical screening, or smear test, is a method of detecting abnormal (pre-cancerous) cells in the cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. Cervical screening is recommended every three years for women aged 25 to 49 and every five years for women aged 50 to 64 or more frequently if smear results indicates abnormal changes.

Our nurses are qualified to carry out cervical screening and tests in the form of cervical smears. In order to have a cervical smear the patient must have received a letter requesting that they have a cervical smear and the appointment must please be made for when the patient is not menstruating.

These appointments typically take around 15 minutes. For any further information or to book an appointment, please call the Surgery.

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Bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is a term used to describe cancer in the colon, rectum or the small bowel.

How do I get a screening kit?

If you are aged 60-69 years, you will be sent your screening invitation automatically through the post. All you need to do is make sure that your GP has your correct address.

‘People aged 70 years and over or under the age of 60, who wish to be screened, should request a kit. Simply telephone the free helpline on 0800 707 60 60.’

St Mark’s Bowel Cancer Screening

St Mark’s Bowel Cancer Screening Website holds a wealth of information on bowel cancer for both healthcare professionals and the general public. It provides information on the symptoms and risk factors for bowel cancer and the importance of screening and its role in preventing as well as detecting bowel cancer. There are informative videos from staff at the screening centre and also patients’ stories and experiences of taking part in screening. There is support for people on what screening is and how to complete the home test kit. Particularly popular are the videos on what to expect when you come for the screening procedure at the Endoscopy Department which is available in 14 different languages.

Breast screening

The National Breast Screening Programme was introduced in 1988 as an early detection service for breast cancer. It states that all women who are aged between 50 – 70 years of age will be routinely invited for free breast screening every three years. The programme is very successful and currently saves around 1,400 lives per year.

Breast screening aims to find breast cancer at an early stage, often before there are any symptoms. To do this, an x-ray is taken of each breast (mammogram). Early detection may often mean simpler and more successful treatment. When women are invited for their mammogram depends on which GP they are registered with, not when their birthday is.

The screening office runs a rolling programme which invites women by area. The requirement is that all women will receive their first invitation before their 53rd birthday, but ideally when they are 50.  If you are under 50 and concerned about any aspect of breast care, please contact the Surgery to make an appointment with your GP.

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Date published: 23rd March, 2023
Date last updated: 4th April, 2023