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Tel: 020 8863 8923
Fax: 020 8424 9370
Out of Hours: 111

For Advice About Minor Ailments



You don’t always need an appointment with your G.P.
If you are unsure, the following may guide you to obtaining the right care :

http://harrow.healthhelpnow.nhs.uk  (app onto your smartphone or tablet)

There are helpful self-care resources on 
www.nhschoices.uk or http://www.harrowccg.nhs.uk/self-care

When should I worry?
http://whenshouldiworry.com has a useful table of common symptoms and how long they commonly take to improve.

Sepsis Overview

If you think you need a letter from your doctor, please check first on the link below


Your local Pharmacist is trained to offer advice on self care with minor health problems (e.g. viral coughs and colds, upset stomachs, simple aches and pains, hayfever, simple eye infections, verrucae, headlice, fungal foot infections, emergency contraception). They will know when medical help is needed and direct you to your doctor.

For children under 5 years old
Community Health Visitors can advise you on simple issues regarding your child's development such as feeding/sleeping/behaviour problems.


Dental services
Dental services are not covered by GPs and emergency dental advice is available locally:-


Stress management and counselling
Resources are available by self-referral locally:

http://www.harrowccg.nhs.uk/talking-therapies or www.bigwhitewall.com

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